Capcom Pushing Forward With New HD Remasters, Biggest Problem is Dev Team Growth

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Capcom is a company that I just can’t seem to figure out anymore. They’re leaving one of their most beloved properties on the shelf in Mega Man. Resident Evil has languished in the last few years with the most recent release being an episodic series released digitally. The only big name title they’ve released in stores lately is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. There is a new Ace Attorney game on the way for 3DS. Outside of that, however, not much is going on at the company.

One thing they say will help keep them moving in the right direction are remasters. During their recent investor Q&A they were asked about digital downloads and remastered versions of older games. They’re response was that HD Remasters will be a kay business activity for them. They’ve seen better than expected sales from remasters such as Resident Evil HD Remaster. These games are a growth opportunity for the company to give more people access to their games.

They did not specify any specific titles that would be coming through this initiative over the next months or years. My hope is that they follow up the successful remaster of DuckTales with more of their Disney based properties such as Chip ‘n Dale’s Rescue Rangers, The Little Mermaid, or Aladdin.

The company also addressed what they see as their biggest problem, the growth of their development workforce. They say that they need to recruit more people and manage them properly because creating core games for today’s platforms requires bigger teams. “We are establishing a development management system that is capable of consistently creating core series titles. To recruit developers, we have extensive activities to hire new graduates.”

Capcom knows they have problems. It’s just going to be a matter of properly addressing them to turn their ship around. Hopefully they’ll begin leveraging their iconic IP and creating more games for the home console market. I know I’d appreciate a revitalized Capcom.

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