Stores Restocking Rare Amiibo’s; More Rumored To Be Coming May 29th


We all know how horrible the Amiibo’s have been handled. Buying Amiibo’s isn’t just something you can do casually. No-no my friends. You have to hunt those suckers down! Amiibo hunting isn’t for the feint of heart either and is something that gamers have to do across the globe. It requires dedication, knowing when and where things go on sale, really quick mouse clicking reflexes, and a fast connection to the interwebs.

Unfortunately, even with all of those skills, a high amount of luck is also required. Most people interested in Amiibo’s have been completely out of luck for the various waves. Amiibo’s have quickly become the hardest to find items this gen in gaming. While there are many factors to the shortages, the biggest factor is the supply was entirely too small from the get-go.

Well, there’s some good news. A few days ago, Nintendo announced on their Facebook page that a new supply of rare Amiibo’s are coming in the next week or so. Recently, Toys R Us started restocking Lucario and King Dedede as well as will be restocking Marth on May 29th. Best Buy is rumored to be restocking Meta Knight and other various rare Amiibo’s on May 29th as well.

If you’re looking for the rare Amiibo’s, you may want to hit up those stores.

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