Rumor – Shenmue Related News Coming From Square Enix At E3?


Gamestalk, a Japanese gaming site that talks about rumors, posted some images of something Square Enix will allegedly be showing off at E3. What’s interesting though is the screens appear to be Shenmue related. Gamestalk is speculating that the screens mean the could mean they’re both remastering the original two games and finishing the trilogy.

Ok folks, remember, this is just a rumor. Nothing official. Shenmue is a series that has gone quite some time without a new entry. We’ve also heard numerous rumors about the series over the years but nothing has come of it. So, take this with a grain of salt. Finish the heavy breathing now. Ok. Alright. You good? The other “evidence” is after the jump.


The speculation is that the tears in the flower petals mean the different entries. What also further drives speculation of this rumor is the fact Square Enix is actually holding their own E3 press conference. Also Sega announced they won’t have their own E3 booth this year but instead “will be collaborating with their various business partners for this year’s E3 show.”

We’ll soon find out if this rumor is actually true or not. That said, it seems we definitely don’t want to miss Square Enix’s conference now.

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