Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios Gets Bounty On Him

Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios

Remember that Smash Bros Invitational tournament that went down during E3 last year? Well the tournament winner, Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios, has won 34 consecutive Smash Bros tournaments. He’s good. Apparently, he’s so good that people put a bounty on him.

The founder of Community Effort Orlando, Alex Jebailey, is giving away $250 to anybody who can knock him out of the tournament Alex’s group is hosting. This is completely separate from the normal prize money you’d get by winning the tournament. All you have to do is knock Zero out.

To add to that, Chris Brown, the Smashboards owner, has also added another $250 to that bounty. That’s $500 just for beating Zero. That’s some pretty hard ball they’re playing there. I can imagine this will bring all the dirty tactics and venom.

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