Nintendo Discontinues 8GB Wii U In Japan

Wii U

When it comes to the two Wii U SKU’s, it became clear early on that the 8GB model just wasn’t going to sell the way the 32GB model did. Besides the lack of storage, it also lacked several useful pieces of plastic and the digital deluxe program, the latter of which is no more.

Well, Nintendo is now discontinuing the 8GB White Wii U in Japan. However, they’re replacing it with a 32GB White Wii U which launches in June. There was talks about the 32GB White Wii U quite some time ago. It’s amazing that they haven’t done this sooner. You would think that in the first year they would have taken the 8GB model off the market and introduced a model with more storage. Anyways, the 8GB model had its run but it’s definitely time to replace it. Hopefully, we’ll see this have an impact on the sales.

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