Project Cars Developer States Project Could Move To NX


For racing enthusiasts, I got good news for you. Project Cars is out on the PS4, XB1 and PC and is a pretty good game. Unfortunately, the bad news is, for those wanting Project Cars on Wii U, you may be disappointed.

Slightly Mad’s head of studio, Ian Bell, shared on the Project Cars forum that they’re having troubles with Wii U development. He also stated their current build is running at 720p, 23 fps, and is really cut back on looks. He also states that they’re hoping for a hardware announcement from Nintendo this year at E3 (which we know is not likely to happen).

Whether or not Project Cars will still hit Wii U or if development will move to NX is yet to be seen. Of course, having Project Cars as a launch game for NX would be huge however Wii U could definitely use a game like this. Heck, Wii U could use all the support it can get, especially at retail. Either way, it appears that Project Cars on a Nintendo system will be a waiting game.

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