Unity 5 Beta Build Being Distributed To Wii U Devs


Over the past few years, Unity has become the go to engine for many developers because of its ease of use and low barrier of entry. It really helped the booming indie development scene and helped keep a lot of developers making games, despite so many bigger studios going out of business.

I’d personally say, one of the smartest things Nintendo has done in the past few years was make the partnership with Unity. Because of that partnership, we’ve seen a good number of indie games hit Wii U, despite many publishers pulling out and negativity get thrown towards the system. This helped fill the gap with games.

Back in March when Unity 5 was announced, it came as no surprise that Wii U was one of the 21 platforms they announced support for. However, Unity also said they didn’t know when Wii U would have support for the new Engine. This won’t be for long however. Nintendo Everything is stating they’ve received word that a beta build of Unity 5.0.1 was just sent to developers. Unity is telling developers to stick with Unity 4.3 if their games will be submitted before fall but it appears it won’t be too long before we see Unity 5 on Wii U.

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