Dragon Quest Series Turns 29

Dragon Quest 1

May 27th, 1986, the first Dragon Quest made its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s crazy to think that this very-influential series initially struggled on release. Today, 29 years later, Dragon Quest is all the rage in Japan and is highly requested for a localization everywhere else on the planet. Series creator, Yuji Horii, shared a message for fans on twitter about the special occasion. Here’s the translation:

Everyone, thank you for the congratulations on Dragon Quest‘s 29th. Next year, we’re finally approaching the 30th anniversary. I think we’ll be able to make various announcements in the near future, so please look forward to them.

Square Enix’s Ryutaro Ichimura, producer of Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest Heroes, also shared a message on twitter for fans:

Today, May 27, is Dragon Quest‘s birthday! Already 29! Congratulations! As for next year, we’re welcoming the 30th anniversary! Celebrate! We’re going to have a grand celebration next year!

Ryutaro Ichimura also shared a video of the very first commercial for Dragon Quest. Check it out!

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