Slightly Mad Says Project Cars Was Always A Maybe On Wii U


Looks like there’s more bad news for Project CARS on Wii U. Yesterday, we learned that Slightly Mad was struggling to get the Project CARS running well on Wii U. It was also said that they’re hoping for new hardware at E3.

This of course caused an uproar with the Nintendo community. Many fans feel shafted after they helped fund the project yet the game has been delayed and now may not hit the system. Some people are even calling for a refund for the backers who expected a Nintendo version of the game.

Slightly Mad has since responded in an interview saying the Wii U version has always been a “maybe” and that the bulk of the their funding came before Wii U was announced as a potential platform.

Project CARS/Weapons of Mass Development opened funding initially as a Free to Play PC only Racing game. This is when the bulk of the funding arrived. Funding was closed late 2013.

By vote of the members, it changed to a boxed product PC/Xbox 360/PS3 and ‘maybe Wii U’ game. It was always ‘maybe’ as we had no knowledge of the system.

It was again changed, by vote of the members, to a PC/Xbox One/PS4 next gen game with still ‘maybe Wii U’ and Steam OS. The funding, as I said above, was closed long before this.

We still haven’t given up on Wii U 100% but if we can’t make it work we will move to the next Nintendo machine.

Nintendo has already stated that NX won’t be making an appearance at E3 this year. This means those wanting Project CARS on a Nintendo platform may be in for a wait if it’s still coming to a Nintendo platform. Hopefully they’re able to get over the development hurdles and make the most of the Wii U’s power. Until then, it’s a waiting game.

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