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Could Splatoon Become The Next Nintendo eSport Title?

SPlatoon Paint RollerSuper Smash Bros. is pretty much the go to game when you talk eSports and Nintendo. The series has been a staple for tournament players since the early days and it continues to grow and get more popular. Is Nintendo releasing its next “big thing” for the eSports community tomorrow with the release of Splatoon?

There’s already a growing community behind the game and just based on the limited amount of time people have had with the demo techniques are already being discovered to give you an advantage over your opponents. Things like Splatterhopping and Splatdashing could become a part of the eSports lingo over the next few months. is hoping to make the competitive community around Splatoon grow into something people take notice of. Obviously many of the techniques being discussed are still in their early stages. New ones are going to be discovered and “old” ones will be improved upon.

From the short time I spent with the demo the game was very competitive. If you have a group of people that work well together and find the right balance of weapons the game can be incredibly competitive. I’d like to see Splatoon get some serious attention from the eSports community. At the same time, however, I’d love for there to remain a segment of the community that just plays to have some fun and doesn’t take the game too seriously.

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