Splatoon Wii U Pro Controller Mod!

Have you been playing the Battle Dojo in Splatoon? Is player 2 also wanting to use motion controls? Well, believe it or not, both players can use motion controls. However, it’ll take some extreme modding.


This epically-awesome mod will require a few things. A Wii U Pro Controller, a Wii Remote Plus, a shoelace, and button pressing skills. Here’s what the Splatoon team has to say:


One of our scientists has made a rather stunning discovery! From early reports, it appears to be a means of adding motion control to the controller of the player playing on the TV screen in Battle Dojo. On the controller selection screen for Battle Dojo, press and hold down on the +Control Pad, press and hold B, and then press ZR and ZL.

It seems a Wii Remote Plus is necessary to perform this incredible feat. This technique also appears to be possible when using a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro! When using a Wii U Pro Controller, first press ZL and ZR to select that as your controller, and then press the 2 Button on the Wii Remote Plus to activate it.

Sarcasm aside, this is ridiculous, hilarious, and awesome. The fact that this is actually a thing shows a certain level of playfulness in the Splatoon team has that I personally feel the gaming industry needs more of.


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