Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure Launches On June 11th

Dr Mario Miracle CureA new Dr. Mario game was announced for the 3DS today in Nintendo’s surprise mini-Nintendo Direct. The game is called Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure. It features the familiar virus eradicating game play of the original as well as the new, updated version of Dr. Luigi and the popular touch screen based Virus Buster.

New to the game is the addition of items called Miracle Cures. These new items appear when an on-screen meter fills up. They have a number of different abilities such as removing all viruses of one color, removing a full column from the screen or taking out a big area of the play field in one move. There are also multi-player options that will allow you and a friend to take out viruses together or compete against one another to see who’s the better doctor.

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure launches on June 11th for the Nintendo 3DS. It is currently available for pre-purchase through the 3DS eShop.

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