Rumor – NX Allegedly Uses Android Based OS


For over a year, rumors of Nintendo’s next platform have been going wild. Truth be told, nobody knows exactly what Nintendo’s next system will be. However, back in March of this year, Satoru Iwata himself stated that a new system, codenamed the NX, is in the works; we’ll see it next year.

Well, there’s now another rumor for the NX. This time, the rumor is coming from a publication that has been spot-on with rumors in the past. According to Japanese publication Nikkei (and translated by NeoGAF), the NX will allegedly run off an Android based operating system. The publication is claiming to have received this information from a very credible source, who is allegedly an insider. The report also states that, because the Wii U was so different from the other platforms (internal specs-wise) and required such high development costs with so few multi-platform games being profitable, Nintendo started making major changes internally.

In the past, Satoru Iwata stated that Nintendo needs one single OS that can cover all of their platforms, similar to iOS and Android. Obviously, Nintendo isn’t alone in this way of thinking. The Xbox One is running on a version of Windows that makes it compatible with other Windows devices. Back in January, Microsoft announced Windows 10 will have Xbox Live on it and allow cross-play between PC and Xbox players.

We also know Nintendo has made a lot of changes in recent times. They combined their handheld and console hardware divisions. They formed a partnership with DeNA for mobile development and network infrastructure. They’ve been showing a lot of interest in movies and TV shows. They partnered with Universal Studios for a Nintendo themed ride. They came out with an eShop based Humble Bundle. They even brought back the Nintendo World Championships. There’s definitely some major changes going on at Nintendo.

That said, this isn’t confirmed, and like all rumors, I recommend taking this with a grain of salt.

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