Microsoft Will Be Presenting At The PC Gaming Show At E3


It appears Microsoft will be in, not one, but two conferences this year. This is thanks to the new PC Gaming Show at E3. Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, will be among several others showing off Windows 10 as well as several games for it.

For us, the PC Gaming Show is the ideal place to speak directly to PC gamers, and it’s a great time to talk about Windows 10 – the best operating system we’ve ever created for gamers on PCs,

With Windows 10, we’re bringing the best of Xbox with the best of Windows gaming, including Xbox Live and the new Xbox app, Game DVR for nearly every game, and DirectX 12 for better gaming graphics and performance.

It seems Microsoft will be presenting in a big way this year. Back in January, Microsoft revealed Windows 10 will feature Xbox Live and cross play between PC and the Xbox One. This will likely be a major focus of what they’re doing at E3. The PC Gaming Show, hosted by PC Gamer, will be on June 16th from 5 pm to 8 pm PT. If no official E3 streams are showing it, you’ll for sure be able to watch it on the PC Gamer Twitch channel.

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