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Meet Song of Horror, A Survival Horror With 16 Playable Characters And Permadeath


A few days ago, a friend of mine introduced me to an upcoming survival-horror game called Song of Horror by Protocol Games. Today, I now write about it. Song of Horror looks to be similar to horror games from the past. You’re in a mansion that almost feels like a maze with a puzzle that needs to be solved. The areas are filled with small clues and pieces to those puzzles, many of which also help add to the setting of the game. The camera is also fixed which adds to the fear factor. There’s definitely a Resident Evil feel to this.

However, there’s some big distinctions. For starters, even though there’s a main character, you’ll be playing as 16 characters in total. While many of the characters in the game are connected to the main character, Daniel Noyer, some are there for different reasons. The game plays out in a series of chapters. In each chapter you have a different set of playable characters and a different location.

There’s also a system in the game the developers are calling permanent death. It really isn’t exactly permanent, you’ll never have to completely restart the game. However, if one character dies, you’ll lose their story entirely and have to use a different character. If all your character die, you have to restart the chapter. Another part that adds to the tension, there’s no manual save points. You have a save and quit option, but there’s no “check points” for you. This means, you only have saves when you clear a chapter.

Song of Horror is currently up on Kickstarter. The game is initially looking to come out on PC but the developers aren’t ruling out other platforms. Check out some gameplay below.

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