Console Companies Joining IARC

One of the biggest hurdles for developers has been getting their games rated. It’s one of the big reasons why region-locking exists. The good news is, this all may change soon.

GoNintendo is reporting that the German ratings board, USK, is joining the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC). The IARC is claiming that several digital distribution services, including all three console companies services, are also joining. Here’s what they said:

The USK announced that they will, as a founding member of the IARC, handle the age rating for apps and online games together with their partners. IARC is a groundbreaking swift of turning regional rating processes in a globalized one for apps. As the first distribution platforms Google Play Store and the Firefox Marketplace joined the system. Other partners like the Microsoft Xbox Live Store, Nintendo eShop and Playstation Network are awaited to join in the future.

This is going to be a huge benefit for indie developers. Lets hope this move will ultimately lead to a completely region-free future on all devices. Until then, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

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