New Sonic Boom Game Announced For 3DS

Sonic Boom Fire and IceSega has announced a new game based off of the highly successful Sonic Boom cartoon series on Cartoon Network. This new game, called Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, serves as the latest chapter in the Sonic Boom series. All of the characters from the previous game return including Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks. The game will be released exclusively on the 3DS later this year.

New elements of fire and ice will be used to enhace elements of the game play. Characters will have new abilities with special moves and the ability to interact with the environments. The developers, Sanzaru Games Inc, say players will be able to run through the game at top speed, or take their time and slowly explore the environment and the game’s many puzzles.

“By introducing unique elemental gameplay features like ice and fire, along with new speed and exploration gameplay, there is a lot to enjoy with Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.” – John Cheng, President and COO of Sega of America

One new element of the game is called Bot Racing. This is a supplemental game tied to the single player story with multi-player game play. It’s, according to the press release, purely about speed. Players will be able to unlock character themed bots to race against friends.

Look for the game on the 3DS this Holiday season.

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