Atlus Bringing Legend of Legacy West


One of my favorite games of the Playstation 1 era was a Square developed game named SaGa Frontier. I loved playing as the different characters, taking them through different paths. Unfortunately, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a new SaGa game. While a new SaGa game was announced in Japan for the Vita, who knows when it’ll come out and if it’ll get localized.

LegendofLegacy1Luckily, a game released in Japan for the 3DS that’s the spiritual successor to the SaGa games. That games called Legend of Legacy. Legend of Legacy has many people who worked on the the SaGa series and other games involved in the project. Tomomi Kobayashi, of SaGa fame, is the illustrator. Masashi Hamauzu, of SaGa and Final Fantasy XIII fame, is the Composer. Masato Kato, of Chrono Trigger fame, is the writer. Kyoji Koizumi, of SaGa fame, is one of the designers. Masataka Matsuura, of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky fame, is the director.

Even more good news, Atlus is localizing the game and it’ll be out in the Americas this fall. We’ll be able to get this game digitally and physically for a $39.99 USD. The game will follow seven adventurer’s, each with their own story and reason to be there. Combat will play-out in turn-based battles. Depending on your teams formation, characters will be able to change combat roles.

This version of the game will be tweaked from the original Japanese version based on fan feedback. This is great news for us. Anybody else super excited about this one?

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