Smash Bros New Content Approaching Direct Video and Information

The Smash Bros New Content Approaching Nintendo Direct has come! With it came a wealth of information on new DLC. Holy-moly-mole was there a wealth of info! It appears the leaks were true but there’s much, MUCH more. Let’s run through it shall we!


SmashBrosWiiURoyRoy is making his glorious return. Just like Smash Bros Wii U over Melee, he’s seen a massive visual upgrade over his Melee model. Furthermore, he’s way more powerful then he was in Melee. His move-set is still similar to Marth’s but with even more animation differences and a ton more fire. He’s also noticeably slower then Lucina and Marth but hits much harder. Also his Final Smash is a stand still powerful strike that starts burning those around him before he strikes.

Like Lucas, Roy will go for $3.99 for either Wii U or 3DS and $4.99 for both versions.



Ryu from Street Fighter is confirmed and he’s quite possibly the most in depth character in Smash Bros history. He has a massive move-set that should feel very familiar to the fighting game community. He has weak, medium, and strong attacks depending on how long you hold your button presses.

He has a Shoryuken that can be used with the typical up + B but you can also do it with the classic motion + either A or B. You can use a Hadouken with just a simple neutral (no direction) B but you can also use the original motion + either A or B to make it even more powerful. He also has his Hurricane kick that can be used with down + B or the original motion + A or B. Just like the normal attacks, depending on how you press the button will determine the strength of the attacks. He also is the first character to have two Final Smashes. He has his Shinku Hadoken when enemies are at a range and he does Shin Shoryuken when enemies are near you.

SmashBrosWiiURyuPackPricingThe old classic Ryu Stage from Street Fighter II is also in the game. It comes with breakable signs, the classic Ryu theme, and even remixed Ryu themes. On the Wii U version, Ken themes will also be included. In the last 30 seconds of the stage, the music changes themes to indicate the time. The normal version of the stage features small platforms on the left side but a larger one on the right. There’s also an Omega version of the stage! This stage will be available on both 3DS and Wii U for. Both Ryu and his stage are bundled together for $5.99 on Wii U or 3DS or $6.99 for both versions.

Ken and Ryu trophies have also been confirmed. You can get them through the normal means of playing the game.

There’s a ton of new costumes!


  • Akira from Virtua Fighter is a blocky, old-school style out
  • Jackie from Virtua Fighter has the modern style with the new jacket
  • Isabelle outfit from Animal Crossing
  • Inkling costumes from Splatoon for the girl, boy, and a Squid hat
  • Megaman EXE outfit from Megaman Battle Network
  • Zero outfit from Megaman X
  • Heihachi outfit from Tekken

Like other costumes, each costume will run at $.75 for each system or $1.15 for both Wii U and 3DS.

More Stages!

SmashBrosKirbysDreamLandThe Kirby’s Dream Land stage from the N64 with makes a return! It retains much of the original style however they also made sure to include an omega version of the game. The stage is available on both the Wii U and 3DS. This stage will run at $1.99 for either Wii U or 3DS or $2.99 for both versions.

The Miiverse stage is finally here. Like stated before, this stage it will take random Miiverse posts and use them in the background. This means things you post can appear in the background of anybody’s stage. This stage is only available on the Wii U but is completely free.

They’re planning on bringing two more stages. Down the road we can expect Hyrule Castle as well as Peach’s Castle. Both stages will be the N64 classic versions.

Other new things!

SmashBrosJuneAmiiboNew Amiibo’s were announced. Game & Watch is on the way and he’s has interchangeable poses. Rob the Robot, Duck Hunt dog, and Falco are all on the way as well. All 3 Mii Fighters are getting Amiibos too AND you can customize their in game looks. All of these Amiibos will be included in September. They also announced Ryu and Roy Amiibos though they’ll come at a way later date.

Tourney mode is coming in August. There will be two different kinds of modes. Community Tourneys will work on a timed, point-based system and happen right away. There’s also Regular Tourneys which are scheduled for specific times and work elimination style.

Youtube video sharing is also on the way for Wii U. The feature will allow you to post replays of your games to Youtube. Videos will be viewable on PC’s and mobile devices. Of course, using this feature will require a Google account.

The Final Notes

While some of the content talked about in this Direct is coming at a later date, most of it is available right now! This means both characters, the three stages, and all the Mii outfits are out right now and ready to be used!

Unfortunately, this also means the servers are overflowing with people. Earlier today it was reported that the North America and European eShop servers were down due to overload. Things do appear to have cleared up some however.

Also, apparently Nintendo is issuing out copyright strikes against people that leaked the game early on Youtube. Yikes!

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