Oculus Conference Details

Oculus had their E3 conference recently and we learned some more specifics on their new headset. The final design of the Rift was shown. It will include adjustable lenses to match your eyes, will be in HD, and includes headphones that are removable.

Phil Spencer appeared in the Oculus conference and gave some details about Oculus and Microsoft. The Oculus will work with Windows 10 natively and you can stream Xbox One games to it. Furthermore, every Rift will come with a Xbox One controller included.


Oculus is also making a controller specifically for the Rift called the Oculus Touch. The Oculus Touch, also dubbed Half Moon, are a pair of wireless controllers, each with 2 buttons, an analog, and a trigger. They include the same tracking technology that’s in the Rift, Haptic feedback for touch input, and can even sense the motion of your fingers.

To go along with all the new hardware, they also introduced a new interface called Oculus Home. In it you can buy and launch games, much like Xbox Live, Steam, and GOG Galaxy. In Oculus Home, you can see what your friends are playing and watch videos of what the games are like in Virtual Reality. They’re also building a 2d version of the Oculus Home that gives you all the same features and functions without having to put the headset on.


To add to all of this, Oculus is looking to spend $10 million USD on funding independent games as well. We can expect the Rift Q1 2016.

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