Bowser and Donkey Kong Join The Fight Against Kaos

Skylanders Superchargers Nintendo Figures

The Skylanders franchise set the standard for the toys-to-life genre. They were out of the gate first, and have the most experience in that area. Nintendo recently started the release of their amiibo line. Either those two were going to go head to head and battle it out for supremacy of the toy box or they were going to have to unite. It appears that the latter is the case.

Today, during Nintendo’s Digital Event Activision showed off two new allies for the Skylanders in their perpetual fight against the villain Kaos. Bowser and Donkey Kong will both be joining the roster of playable Skylanders figures. Those two characters will be getting their own figures for the game, but they’re not just any old Skylanders figures. Hammer Slam Bowser and Turbo Charge Donkey Kong are dual purpose figures. They both have adjustable bases that can be twisted into one of two positions. One of them gives them the functionality of the Skylanders figures. The other lets them function as standard amiibo figures. Each of these figures also come with a unique vehicle that can be added into the game as well.

Here’s about 30 minutes of the game in action showing the figures, some special features such as Magma Bowser, and the design process of making the figures fit into the overall Skylanders Universe.

Skylanders Superchargers releases for all major platforms including Wii U and 3DS on September 20th.

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