European Releases: Week Beginning 15/06/2015


How’s everyone enjoying E3 week so far? Loads of stuff to be excited about with the best (Nintendo of course) still to come. So with all of these amazing announcements happening all around us there must be some awesome stuff coming out this week too right?… Right?


There aren’t actually any releases at all for the Wii U this week but as usual a load of stuff is getting some price reductions. Mostly the list consists of stuff you wouldn’t play if it were free but one Notable Discount is…

Citizens of Earth – Normally £9.99/€11.99 Now £6.29/€6.99 until 25/06/2015



eShop Software

Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (£34.99/€39.99) – The latest addition to the long running farm-em-up series, Harvest Moon comes out to download and purchase in real life this week. Similar to Animal Crossing in many ways but usually a lot more story driven HM games are wildly popular in Japan but have never quite found the same success over here in the UK. However if you want something cute and full of charm you can’t go far wrong here. (Also worth noting; there are 4 free DLC packs being released at launch too.)

My Zoo Vet Practice 3D (£24.99/€29.99) – If you’re an 11 year old girl and the million other vet simulation games aren’t doing it for you then you’re in luck this week! If not then ignore this game.

Xeodrifter (£7.99/€8.99) – From the creators of Mutant Mudds comes this interesting little 2D, Metroidvanvia inspired, pixel based adventure. This look like a really interesting title. You’ll visit 4 different worlds that need to be explored to find resources that will allow you to fix your spaceship and along the way you’ll have to defeat all manner of enemies and bosses.

Comic Workshop 2 (£7.19/€7.99 or £4.29/€4.79 if you own Comic Workshop) – Do you like using the small 3DS touch screen to draw substandard pieces of “art”? Are you bored of all of the other “art” “games” on your 3DS? Then go and by a pad and some pencils, not this.

Notable Discounts (All prices valid until 25/06/15)

Citizens of Earth – Normally £9.99/€11.99 now £6.29/€6.99
Swords and Soldiers 3D – Normally £5.59/€6.99 now £4.19/€4.99
Another World 20th Anniversary Edition – Normally £7.19/€7.99 now £2.87/€3.19
League of Heroes – Normally £3.59/€3.99 now £1.79/€1.99

myles-foaleMyles’ Pick
Another quiet week for releases but there are a couple of interesting games here. If I were to make a purchase from this collection I think I’d go for Xeodrifter. I love these retro style platformers and you can’t deny the pedigree of the devs behind Mutant Mudds. £7.99 is a little much though so I might wait and see if this gets a price drop in a few weeks. Another World at just £2.87 is also very tempting, I’ve always been interested in it but never wanted to pay to try it. This is just cheap enough to possible sway me though.

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