Nintendo Not Phased By Metroid Reaction

If there is one game that’s been getting the brunt of negative reaction from Nintendo fans it would be Metroid Prime: Federation Force. The game is a four player co-op arena based (at least so far) shooter. You and friends take on various missions playing as one of four random members of the Galactic Federation. It also includes the Blast Ball mini-game where up to six people play a 3-on-3 interstellar version of soccer.

Federation ForceFans have been very negative about the title claiming that it’s not what they wanted in a new Metroid game. Within just a couple of hours there was already a change.org petition to try and force Nintendo to cancel development of the game. While that’s an extreme, and I’d say childish, response to the game it’s not easy to realize fans are disappointed in the announcement considering how long they’ve waited for a new game in the franchise.

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime seems unphased by the reaction.

“One of the things I find interesting is that if you look at E3 historically for Nintendo, typically what happens is a press briefing happens or our digital event happens and then over the course of the next couple of days people see the games get to play the games and the appreciation and understanding of what we’re doing increases over those three days and continues to build into the holidays.”

He specifically cited the reaction to Splatoon last year saying that people weren’t very excited about the announcement of that game either. It was only after seeing the game in action later in the week that people began to turn around with that game.

It’s not clear whether or not people will begin to warm up to the idea of another multi-player game in the Metroid franchise similar to Metroid Prime Hunters on DS. Many people still do not seem very fond of the direction they’re taking with this game. Treehouse demonstrations that I’ve seen resulted in the presenter arguing with each other more than trying to convince people to be interested in the game.

For now, only time will tell, but there seems to be a disconnect between how fans are reacting to the game and Nintendo is reacting to the reaction.

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