Data Drain – Episode 8 (The Legend Of Zelda)

Data Drain

In this week’s episode, our intrepid heroes, Ethan and Jason seek to uncover the deepest, darkest secrets of the Triforce.  During their journey, Stewart became a victim of the lost woods, but our heroes encountered an unlikely ally in the form of a Gamesmen named Gary.  How will the rest of their journey unfold?  Find out in this week’s episode of Data Drain!

Data Drain Episode 8
Starring: Jason, Gary, Ethan
Run Time: 01:14:11

I hope you enjoy this episode and feel the need to send us an email at DataDrain@Nintendo-Okie.com telling us what you want us to cover in a future episode. Also be sure to visit http://thegamesmen.com/ where our guest host Gary does some awesome stuff.

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