Nintendo of Europe Approached Criterion For F-Zero On Wii U


As we all know, Nintendo has a lot of Intellectual Property, however, not all of it is used as much as many fans would like. Much of this is due to the fact they have dedicated teams for specific series’ such as Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pokemon but not for everything else. Also, some series’ are easier for Nintendo to approach as they play into their strengths. Others are a bit more tricky, with even Mr. Miyamoto not sure how to approach a revival for them.

One such series is F-Zero. Mr. Miyamoto has gone on note before saying he’s not sure what direction to take the series. He’s also said, Nintendo wasn’t too happy about how F-Zero GX turned out either. Since F-Zero GX, the series has been in the dark and most talk revolving around it hasn’t given fans any hope for a new game. Well apparently, Nintendo never gave up on the series.

Wii U LogoRecently, news broke that Nintendo of Europe approached Criterion, the makers of the Burnout series and several Need For Speed games, about working on an exclusive F-Zero game for Wii U. They were doing so with a sense of urgency and were hoping to have it available for launch. Unfortunately, Criterion was working on a Need For Speed: Most Wanted at the time so this fell flat.

Alex Ward, founder of Criterion, who left in 2013 and became a founder for Three Fields Entertainment, responded to fans comments about the subject on Twitter. He claimed that working on somebody else’s IP doesn’t sound fun. He then followed up by talking about how he was bored after making Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.

From a fan standpoint, yes it does suck that we haven’t received a new F-Zero in over 10 years. That said, the fact that Nintendo sought out Criterion shows that they’re still willing to work with outside teams on a new entry. Who knows where Nintendo will take the series now. Hopefully it won’t be another 10 years of guessing.

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