Pokemon Shuffle Makes the Jump To iOS and Android

Pokemon ShuffleNintendo has been experimenting with free to play models in a number of different games lately. Earlier this year, as we know, they announced a partnership with mobile game developer DeNA. Now, in a move completely separate from their deal with DeNA, we have one of the first games moving to mobile.

Later this year Pokemon Shuffle will be released for both iOS and Android. A trailer shown off by The Pokemon Company shows the game will be making a full transition from the 3DS to mobile platforms with all the functionality of the 3DS game intact. The game will still be free to play as well, presumably using all the same mechanics of the previously released version.

The game makes sense on mobile platforms as it fits in with the style of game popular on those devices. Of all the Nintendo properties and games we’ve seen released so far this one seems to be the one best suited for release on those platforms. Nintendo had said that they would not just be porting over games from 3DS or Wii U to mobile systems. We’ve reached out to Nintendo for comment on this story and will update this story if we hear more from them.

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