Terraria On Wii U Is Becoming A Poorly Kept Secret

Terraria OtherworldEvidence continues to pile up with yet another ratings listing pointing to the fact that 505 Games’ Minecraft style game Terraria is coming to Wii U. This time the ESRB has a listing for the game, with a possible Vita retail release rumored as well. What’s strange is that there is no mention of the 3DS version,which has been a part of past rumors.

Whatever it is, the company needs to confirm this. I’ve played Terraria on the PS4, Vita and PC at this point, but I’d play it all over again on Wii U using the Game Pad to manage inventory.

The long awaited version 1.3 update drops tomorrow so that will keep players of the game happy for a while, but I really want this Wii U release to become a thing. There are times that I find myself enjoying this game more than I do Minecraft.

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