Big Changes Are Coming To Miiverse

MiiverseMany Wii U and 3DS owners are bigs fans of Miiverse. You can go into the online community for just about any game on those systems and see people posting about their experiences playing the games, making drawings or just chatting about whatever they want to chat about. It’s been a fun little diversion for other people. Some have ignored it almost completely.

Many fans of the online community would say that, while it’s interesting, it still has problems. Nintendo continually changes up the policies about how often you can post. Some fans complain about seemingly arbitrary moderation on posts that don’t really make much sense. Nintendo is set to make some big changes to Miiverse in the coming months. These include just a general overall redesign to the look, but include some other features as well.

A Screenshot album: You’ll now be able to save up to 100 screenshots in an album that will be viewable only by you. Nintendo wants you to be able to look back on the memories you have of playing their games.

Miiverse CommunityPlay Journal: This replaces the regular posting that you’ve been doing in the community. To create a Play Journal you simply have to log in to the Miiverse while you’re playing a game. Each time you post to the Play Journal it will also post a screenshot of what you’re doing in the game at that moment. Titles, like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, that don’t support screenshots will be exempt from this rule.

Community Redesign: This is where you’ll go to see everyone’s, including your own, Play Journal for each game in the Miiverse. You’ll be able to see other players drawings created for that game and Nintendo hopes it will make it easier to find great artists to follow. You will not be able to post handwritten post to Play Journals or discussions.

These aren’t the only changes that are coming, but they’re some of the biggest. Other changes include removing the limit on how quickly you can make new posts. In the past this has been limited to, at various times, one minute, two minutes or three minutes between posts. Nintendo will now allow you to make posts in quick succession, but you’ll be limited to a total of 30 posts per day. In-game posts are not included in this total.

We don’t have word yet on when these changes will launch, but it is expected to come sometime this summer. You can access Miiverse through the Wii U and 3DS Home menus as well as through mobile devices or browsers.

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