Two NX Rumors, One NX Post


The NX talk doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon. About a week ago, Fortune Magazine put out an interesting tidbit of info. Nintendo, allegedly, pitched the NX to third parties at E3.

The problem for Nintendo is the NX’s launch is at least a year away—likely more, as the company reportedly just started talking about it with third party partners at this year’s E3. (The reception, say insiders, was positive.)

Because we can’t confirm this, I would say this is a rumor. That said, this doesn’t sound to far-fetched. NX was first talked about earlier this year, which they probably wouldn’t have talked about in an investors meeting if they didn’t already settle on an idea. Since its existence was made public, it’s been talked about quite a bit and they even said we’ll be seeing it next year.

NintendoInvestorsMeetingMembershipLoyaltyProgramThis isn’t the only NX rumor however. According to DigiTimes, Nintendo is working to start pilot-production for the NX by October of this year. Foxconn will be manufacturing the system, however Pegatron Technology is also trying to get in on the action.

They’re also claiming that the orders will be finalized in February or March of next year. They’re claiming mass production will start in the May to June time frame and the system may come out as early as July 2016. Furthermore, they’re also claiming the aim is to ship 20 million NX systems in the first fiscal year.

This, of course, is a rumor and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. However, if all of this is true, we may be seeing the NX a lot sooner rather then later.

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