European Releases: Week Beginning 5th July 2015

I hope everyone had a fun filled weekend on the first Splatfest and doing other Nintendo-y things. Let’s find out what’s coming out this week.


eShop Download

Never Alone (£12.99/€14.99) – This is a very interesting platform puzzle game set in a beautiful snowy land in which you play as a young girl and her companion; an Arctic Fox as they try to navigate environmental puzzles and survive in this cruel but very pretty world. The game also features 2 player co-op and loads of history and back story to discover. Check out the trailer below.

Funk of Titans (£8.09/€8.99) – This looks like a completely bonkers platformer. You play as Perseus – Son of Zeus, who is a funk dude that slices and jives his way through 40 levels split between different genres of music. This actually looks really fun and the complete opposite to Never Alone.

Virtual Console

Mega Man Battle Network 4: Red Sun & Blue Moon (£6.29/€6.99) – Seriously how many of these things did they make? This looks like more of the same in all honesty which is great if like this type of thing but I don’t think it’s going to sway anyone over to the Mega Man RPG genre.

Notable Discounts (All games on offer until 23rd July 2015)

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition – Was £11.99/€13.99 Now £4.79/€5.59

Mighty Switch Force! 2 – Was £5.00/€5.00 Now £2.00/€2.00

Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition – Was £8.99/€9.99 Now £3.59/€3.99

Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse – Was £15.99/€16.99 Now  £6.39/€6.79

Swords and Soldiers – Was £2.69/€2.99 Now £0.99/€1.19

Trine 2: Director’s Cut – Was £13.99/€16.99 Now £5.39/€6.79

Trine Enchanted Edition – Was £10.99/€12.99 Now £4.39/€5.19


eShop Download

Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy (£2.69/€2.99) – Originally released in America and Japan over 12 months ago, Biker Rider DX2 is a platforming runner where you ride a bike through various wacky environments avoiding obstacles using your reflexes and various power ups. This looks like it’ll be great fun for a low price. This is also launching with 3 DLC packs. One of which is free and the other two are priced at £0.89/€0.99 each.


Myles’ Pick
It’s a quiet week this week with no retail releases but having said that there are still a few decent games coming out. I already own Never Alone on PS4 but it’s a great platformer worth giving a go if you enjoy those emotive style idie games. Funk of the Titans also looks like a blast but for me Bike Rider DX2: Galaxy is what I’ll be looking out for. I love runners and I love platformers, and that price is great too!

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