Euro News Round-Up

Weekly, European, Nintendo News Round Up

It’s that time of the week again when I prod around the internet to find out what’s been happening in Europe as it pertains to the world of Nintendo.

Devil’s Third To Be A European Exclusive? – Devil’s Third, which is a title that Nintendo picked up when THQ went bump and sold all their IPs off was originally scheduled for Xbox 360 and PS3 but it’ll be a Wii U exclusive when it comes out later on this year in the EU. Apparently Nintendo of America have decided not to publish the game due to concerns over the quality of the product which leaves the title in limbo unless another publisher comes to the rescue. There are rumours that a third party publisher have picked up the publishing rights but nothing has been confirmed yet. Hopefully it won’t be a disappointment because based on trailers and info released so far Devil’s Third looks like it’ll be a blast when  it arrives at the end of August.

Mario Maker Per-Orders Now Live On Nintendo’s Shop – Earlier this week Nintendo put pre-orders up for the forthcoming create-em-up; Mario Maker, and there are two bundles on offer…

You can preorder the game which comes in a cool looking yellow box which includes a disc copy of the game and a hardback book that has reproductions of some Mario artwork, blue prints of classic levels and some hints and tips for making your own levels plus an awesome looking yellow t-shirt. This bundle is priced at £39.99
You can also preorder all of that plus one of the super cool looking 8-bit Mario Amiibo for £49.99 which is a decent saving on the Amiibo itself.

Mario Maker is due out 11th September this year.

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