Iwata Asks Page Receives Tribute Banner


One of the more unique things that Nintendo has become known for in the past 10 years were the Iwata Asks features. Iwata Asks were a series of interviews by Mr. Iwata himself where he interviewed various different people about their jobs, their roles, and their creations. Many times, they gave a closer look at different products and more insight on the development process.

Nintendo has updated the Iwata Asks part of their site with a small tribute in the form of a banner. Here’s what it says:

These installments of Iwata Asks remind us of our dear colleague, friend and mentor, Mr. Satoru Iwata, upon his passing.

Unfortunately, it’s not likely that we’ll see anymore Iwata Asks features. We may not even see anything similar to it. However, these are a great collection of interviews that I highly recommend giving a read.

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