Animal Crossing: HHD Doesn’t Need a Home Button

AC HHD“Going to the 3DS Home Menu to post screenshots to the Miiverse is so old fashioned.” At least, that’s what I imagine it would sound like if a game could talk. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer wants to make sure you get your creations posted to the Miiverse so the developers are removing a step from the process.

The game will allow you to post pictures straight to the Miiverse from inside the game. You won’t have to press the Home button on the 3DS to launch the community feature. It is not going to be exclusive to the new 3DS either. All 3DS owners will apparently be able to do this. Not only will it have Miiverse integration, but Twitter and Facebook functionality as well.

That’s pretty forward thinking for a game on a Nintendo platform. I wonder if more and more games in the future will begin to support this or if this will end up being a one-off thing that we never see or hear from again.

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