Never Alone Getting An Expansion

Never Alone is one of those games that originally snuck up on me, but it’s one I have now said you should not miss. It’s available on multiple platforms, including PS4 and Wii U. It tells the tale of a young Inuit girl and fox spirit, as well as giving background on the Inupiaq people themselves. The developers have just announced that the game will be getting at least one expansion. It’s called Foxtales and it will continue the story started in the original game.

The newly released trailer shows the two travelling by boat, confronting a large shadow monster, and at one point falling into the sea. I’m very interested in checking this out as I absolutely adored the original game. Right now Foxtales is only confirmed for PS4. I’ve reached out to the developers and if I hear back on other platforms it will be available for I’ll let you know.

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