A Brief History of Yoshi


Since there’s no real European news to speak of this week I though I’d do something a bit different this week and give you a brief history of one of my all time favourite Nintendo characters, T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas.

Yoshi first appeared in one of my all time favourite games. The 1990 game Super Mario World which came out on the SNES. He was created by Shigefumi Hino who’s first game was also Super Mario World and who has since worked on games like Mario 64, Yoshi’s Story, the Pikmin series and the New Super Mario Bros. series. Yoshi was inspired by a dragon called Tamagon from a 1984 NES game called Devil World and Miyamoto had wanted Mario to have a Dragon companion ever since Super Mario Bros. in fact Miyamoto tried to include Yoshi in Super Mario Bros. 3 but due to the technical limitation of the NES this was not possible.


With his début on the SNES proving very popular Nintendo went on to release Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island in 1994 also on the SNES which had far more focus on Yoshi is a playable character and the Yoshi species as a whole.

In Yoshi’s Island you play as Yoshi rather than as Mario, who is riding Yoshi. The story was a sweet one in which baby Mario and Luigi fell onto Yoshi’s Island, Luigi is captured by a Magikoopa and it is the job of the Yoshi clan to reunite the brothers. The game received universal praise and went on to produce many sequels on various consoles including the N64, DS, 3DS and most recently the Wii U on which Yoshi’s Woolly World came out on.

Yoshi's Woolly World

Since the Yoshi’s début he has gone on to become one of Nintendo’s most beloved characters. In 2008 he was voted as the 3rd favourite video game character in Japan coming just behind Mario and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. He has also featured in pretty much every Mario spin-off in existence and is a main stay in games like Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party. He was also one of the very first Nintendo characters to get the Amiibo treatment and already has 3 variants of Amiibo; Super Smash, Mario Party and his own Woolly World line too.

So those are the main headlines from the best video game dinosaur that there is. I hope you enjoyed reading this and that maybe you learnt something too.

Hopefully next week there’ll be some Euro news to talk about if not I’ll see what else I can think of to tell you about.

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