AMD Announces Third Semi-Custom Chip


There’s long been rumors of Nintendo’s next system, the NX, implementing AMD hardware. This, of course, would make sense considering that the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One both implement AMD chips thanks to the switch to x86 hardware. Of course, we can’t expect to know for sure what hardware Nintendo’s next system will use before we even know what the system is.

Well, AMD announced that they won a third semi-custom chip design. For those who don’t know, semi-custom chips can be used for other, non-gaming devices. However, AMD said back in 2013 that consoles will make up the bulk of their semi-custom chip sales and revenue. Well, AMD chief executive Lisa Su said they’re expecting this to make them a billion dollars over the chips lifetime.

AMD_Chipsets_LogoLate last year, months before the existence of the NX was revealed, AMD said they were working on two new semi-custom chip designs. One was x86 based, the other was an ARM chip. They also claimed that at least one chip will be beyond gaming and we’ll see them in 2016.

Well now we know, either way, NX is coming and it will be revealed in 2016. But there’s still many questions that remain. Is this third semi-custom chip one of the two other previously talked about chips or is it a completely new chip for something different? If it’s something completely different is it even related to the previous deals? Will we see it in 2016? Is it related to gaming?


Either way, it hasn’t been confirmed that any of this is Nintendo related. That said, with the NX being the only foreseeable new gaming hardware in the next year or two, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine that AMD and NX are connected. Analyst, Patrick Moorhead, shared his thoughts on these AMD and NX speculations.

I think it’s a very high probability (of AMD pairing with Nintendo) unless Nintendo goes Android where I would expect them to go with Nvidia.

As a reminder, AMD and Nintendo working together on anything isn’t official. All of that is rumor and speculation and should be taken as such. Until we get official details from Nintendo on their new hardware or somebody tears apart the NX and examines it (which will likely be the case), we won’t know for sure what hardware went into it.

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