Reddit Moderator Creates Torrent Consisting Of 700 Free And Legal Roguelikes


A moderator on Reddit, who has been collecting free and open-source Roguelikes since 2008, has decided to share his collection with the world. Doing so, he’s bundled over 700 Roguelikes together in a torrent download of 7.12gb in size. Again, all of the games are legal downloads, so don’t expect games like Dungeons of Dredmor.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t some popular titles in it. Caves of Qud, Angband, Roguelight, and Brogue are included as well as many, many other games. It should be stated, these games are all for Windows so if you’re using Mac or Lynux, you’re out of luck. Also, even though many users have said it’s a safe download after running anti-virus, make sure you know what you’re downloading before you download it and download with caution.  For a list of the exact games, click here.

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