Tentative UK prices on Amiibo cards appear

A few tentative prices for the upcoming Animal Crossing cards that will support Happy Home Designer have appeared. By no means are they confirmed but they may give us a glimpse into what we’ll be paying when the new range is released alongside the game later this year.

Argos, which is a UK retailer that operates mainly through their extensive catalogue that comes out a few times a year are showing both Happy Home Designer and the Amiibo cards in their latest catalogue. The game itself is shown in two variations; firstly just the game priced at £39.99 and secondly with the NFC adapter (for older 3DS models that don’t have the NFC tech built-in) bundled in, oddly for the same price of £39.99.

 The cards are showing in the catalogue as a pack of 3 for a whopping £9.99! Which compared to the low price of the Japanese version (translates into less than £2 per pack) is disgusting. Shocked, I thought I’d check their website in case the price was a misprint. However on the Argos website the card packs are currently showing at £19.99!!! For three cards!!!  Upon learning this I thought I’d take a look online to see if anywhere else is showing prices for these products as Argos aren’t exactly known for being the thrifty shoppers choice when it comes to gaming. Interestingly I couldn’t find anywhere else showing any information on the cards although a few retailers are showing the game available for pre-order for around £35.

  Hopefully Argos are completely inaccurate in their pricing here and the cards will be available at much more consumer friendly price. It’s a bit worrying though that Happy Home Designer seems to coming out as a full priced game considering it looks like it offers far less than the core Animal Crossing experience at least, based on what’s been shown of the game thus far.

What would you be willing to pay for these Amiibo cards? Do you think a tenner for three is good value are like me were you hoping to be paying less than £5?

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