Nintendo Partners With Facebook For Super Mario Maker


Nintendo recently put out a and quickly deleted a tweet stating that they’re partnering with Facebook for Super Mario Maker. In the tweet they stated that Facebook employees will build a stage and one of those levels be free to download after launch.

Well, the next day, Nintendo officially announced on their website about the partnership. Named Hackathon, employees of Facebook will create stages for Super Mario Maker and a panel of people Facebook and Nintendo will be judging. The best level will be playable when the game launches September 11th. Furthermore, Nintendo will be recording the whole event for a video series that they’ll put on their social media channels July 28th and 29th for fans to check out.

The following comes from Nintendo of America’s Vice President Scott Moffitt:

Facebook is known for connecting people through delightful shared experiences. Video games fit that mission perfectly, and we’re thrilled to work with a partner like Facebook to help more people form connections through the joy of games like Super Mario Maker. It’s easy for anyone to create levels in the game and share them with friends, and we can’t wait to see what the talented Facebook employees will create before the game becomes available to everyone starting on the 11th of September.

Nintendo definitely seems to be taking a bit of a different approach to this game then other games recently in terms of advertisement. Hopefully it all pays off for them. This could help them reach a much larger audience of people who’d be interested in this kind of game then the traditional advertisement methods.

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