Splatoon Adding Tons of Content in August

InklingPlayers have flocked to Splatoon, the new ink-based shooter from Nintendo, despite some people saying that it lacked a lot of content at launch. One curious omission was the ability to play specifically against friends in the online multiplayer modes. A new, rather sizeable update, coming to the game on August 5th will change that. Two new multiplayer modes, Squad Battle and Private Battle, will add matchmaking with friends to the list of options available to players. Squad Battle will let player participate in Ranked Battle rule sets with friends instead of being paired up with players randomly. Private Battle lets you customize battles for two to eight players, selecting favorite maps, modes and weapons. The host change choose any combination of players, teams don’t have to be matched evenly.

Alongside the two new modes the level cap for players will be raised from 20 to 50 and rank can be raised to S and S+.

40 new pieces of gear for players to customize their inkling will also be added and new weapons like the Slosher can be chosen. The Slosher is a bucket-like weapon that will let you throw large amounts of ink directly in front of you. There is also a new gatling-style weapon called the Splatling.

Nintendo says this is not the end of the content updates eithers. More content, both free and premium, will be added to the game over the Summer and Fall including another new Ranked Battle mode called Rainmaker. More details about the additional content will be announced later.

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