Dragon Quest Logo’s Leak

DQXI_Logo_SmallIn about an hour a Dragon Quest event will be taking place in Japan that will announce a new title. Since the announcement of the event a few days ago, there’s been a lot of speculation as to what will be shown. We know about Dragon Quest Builders and we know about Dragon Quest Heroes 2. What else does Square Enix have up their sleeves? Speculation has been going ramped.

Well, it appears two logo’s has been leaked a bit early. The logo reads, Dragon Quest XI, which means a new main series entry. There’s also a logo for something called Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Scanner. Outside of the two logo’s, nothing else has leaked. There’s no information about either game as of the time I’m writing.

DQMonsterBattleScannerLogoSmallYuji Horii has gone on record saying that Dragon Quest XI will be offline and on home consoles in a past interview. It’s also incredibly doubtful we’ll be seeing another main series entry on Wii U. However, a 2ch user who leaked Dragon Quest XI‘s full name before the logo was leaked is claiming the game will be on PS4 AND 3DS. Users on NeoGaf and other sites are speculating that this could be true considering 3DS is the biggest system in Japan and major releases always go to the system that’s most popular. Others are using Ni No Kuni as the example. This of course, is speculation. The good news is, we’ll soon find out if it’s true or not. The Dragon Quest Event starts in about an hour. You can watch it here.

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