Dragon Quest XI Announced and Platforms Revealed; NX Receives It’s First Two Game Announcements


And the bomb shells have been dropped. Dragon Quest X is being ported to Playstation 4. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 3 will allow you to ride your monsters. Most importantly though,  Dragon Quest XI was announced for the Playstation 4 AND the Nintendo 3DS. That’s right, both the PS4 and the 3DS are getting the latest installment of Dragon Quest.

DragonQuestXIAnnouncementPlatformsThe game’s producer is Saito Yosuke and both versions are being developed by the core team but Toylogic is helping with the 3DS version. The PS4 version is being made using Unreal Engine 4 and will take advantage of the systems power. The 3DS version takes good advantage of both screens in more ways normal. When running around the world and while in cut-scenes, the top screen will feature 3D chibi-like models but the bottom screen will feature the same content of your world in an old-school 2D sprite-based style.

Enough explaining though! Check out the games for yourselves in the video below!

Wait a second, hold the phone. Just as I was getting ready to make this post, it appears there’s EVEN MORE info on Dragon Quest. And it’s… NX related!? Apparently Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI are BOTH being ported to the NX! Ladies and gentleman, we have our first and second NX game announcements.

Update: In a press release by Square Enix regarding Dragon Quest XI released shortly after the presentation, they said they’re “considering launching on Nintendo’s in development NX platform”. There was no mention of Dragon Quest X on NX but we’re guessing the same holds true for it as well. I guess we’ll find out if these games are indeed going to NX when the system is revealed next year.

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