Nintendo Posts Positive First Quarter Financial Results; Stock Rises Eight Percent


Nintendo released their financial results for the first quarter of the year (April 1st through June 30th, 2015) and the results were positive. They reported a profit of ¥8,284 million, which is about $66,833,489 U.S. dollars. Last year this time, they reported a loss of ¥9,924 million, which is about $80,064,648. That’s still far from where they once were but they’re definitely doing a lot better.

Wii U broke 10 million units sold with 470,000 sold during this quarter. It’s slightly down from last years 510,000 but it also didn’t have the bump from Mario Kart 8. What it did have though was the successful sales of Xenoblade Chronicles X in Japan and the surprise hit of Splatoon which has shipped 1.62 million units globally.

The launch of the New 3DS has kept 3DS sales strong with 1.01 million sales this quarter and 53.07 million sales sold total. They’ve also sold 14.7 million Amiibo’s since they first launched.

NintendoStockFirstQuarter2015This puts Nintendo’s “Cash and Deposits” at ¥535,222 million, which is about $4,317,700,100. Furthermore, Nintendo’s total current assets are at ¥1,048,266 million which is about $8,457,179,469. These numbers are slightly down from three months ago but Nintendo’s value has improved.

The last bit of good news about this. Nintendo saw another stock jump. According to Google Finance, their stock rose another 8%. This is good news for Nintendo as they’re gearing up to launch a new rewards service and venture into mobile development.

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