Rumor: Gamestop Planning Amiibo Three-Pack Event August 8th


Another day another rumor. The rumor this time comes in the way of Reddit moderator who claims Gamestop will be taking pre-orders on an Amiibo 3-pack August 8th. The 3-pack is said to include R.O.B., Duck Hunt Dog, and Mr. Game & Watch.

The rumor also states that these will only be available in store and each store will only take approximately 30 pre-orders. This means you have to physically go down to the store to pre-order and pick up your pre-order up at the store you pre-ordered from. Because of this, ‘Web In Store’ won’t be utilized. Also if you’re a Power Up Rewards Pro member, they’re claiming you can get in the store an hour before the store opens.

AmiiboAnimalCrossing8bitMarioLastly, because the Amiibo’s will be part of a pack, they’re claiming they won’t sell them individually at Gamestop. Not that this is a big deal as these Amiibo’s will be sold at other stores. Remember though, this hasn’t been officially announced or confirmed by Gamestop. For now, this is just a rumor.

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