Red Ash Kickstarter Falls Far Short of Goal

red_ashKeiji Inafune launched on successful Kickstarter last year with the Mighty No. 9 project. Considering how much fans have wanted new Mega Man style games it was almost a slam dunk that game would be funded and development would go through, and it was. The game still has not come out and there are reports of it possibly being delayed into next year.

Not wanting to keep fans waiting he launched another crowd funding project this time for a spiritual successor to Mega Man Legends. It was called Red Ash and there were actually two separate campaigns running at the same time for the new franchise, one to fund the game and the other to fund an anime short featuring those same characters. You would think with a name like Inafune behind it, and the fans desperately wanting more Mega Man Legends and Capcom pulled the plug on the most recent game in that series, that it would be a no brainer that this would also get funded. Turns out that wasn’t the case at all.

Many fans were upset that he and Comcept were already coming back asking for more money before Mighty No. 9 was released. There was some backlash to asking for more money to fund another game when the first project hadn’t been finished. Then, last week, it was announced that Red Ash had gotten a publisher. Chinese publishing company FUZE Entertainment and Comcept announced that FUZE would be fully funding development of the game. The Kickstarter project was then switched to being funding for stretch goals as the initial development funding was no longer needed. Fans immediately began to say that maybe Inafune wasn’t as assured a development name as he once was.

Red Ash’s anime project reached it’s funding goal, but the project for the game fell considerably short of its $800,000 goal. The campaign has officially ended and the project barely reached past $500,000 finishing at $519,999, almost $300,000 short of its goal. Have no fear, though, the game is getting funded and the project will go ahead thanks to FUZE.

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