First Scalebound Gameplay Shown At Gamescom


During Microsoft’s Gamescom conference we were treated to the first actual gameplay footage for Platinum Games new game, Scalebound. Of course we saw the trademark over-the-top action that Platinum Games is known for, however, there were a few other notable things.

For starters, your Dragon isn’t just for transportation and aerial combat. It actually fights along side you on the ground stomping around and blasting enemies away. It’s almost like having your own pet Rathian from the Monster Hunter series. Also, there’s a mechanic that looked very similar to grappling in the Attack on Titan series..

There were also quite a bit of RPG style mechanics going on. Numbers were going off on the screen when attacks landed, treasure chests were being looted, and at the bottom left side of the screen were items mapped to buttons with set amount of uses. Furthermore, each time the character attacked, the counter on the sword went down.

Another thing they shown a glance of is what appears to be some form of multiplayer. Of course, this was only implied and not actually shown off but it appears that’s what they’re going for.

This is definitely much more then I was expecting from Scalebound mechanic-wise. Also with the detail in the environments and the fact that it’s open world, it definitely is a looker. Anyways, let me stop talking about it and let you check it out for yourselves.

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