LEGO Dimensions Announces Adventure Worlds, More Ghostbusters

Lego Stay Puft Warner Bros and Traveler’s Tales have announced more details about the upcoming LEGO Dimensions game. During play you’ll be able to unlock special Adventure Worlds. These are open world environments where you’ll be able to collect gold bricks, unlock secrets and explore locations from all the different entertainment properties in the game.   There are 14 of these worlds in the game and every characters will be able to unlock the Adventure World from the brand they represent in the game. You’ll have access to three of them with the Starter Pack; Lord of the Rings, LEGO Movie and DC Comics.

Lego SlimerAlso announced today is a Ghostbusters Level Pack that comes with a LEGO version of Peter Venkman.   There are also two new Fun Packs that each come with one character and a vehicle. The two characters shown off are LEGO versions of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer.

I’m here to tell you people that your wallets are doomed.

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