European Releases Week Beginning: 30th August


First off, I’m sorry about the sporadic and inconsistent manner of this post for the last few weeks. As I’ve been off work family life has been coming first so I haven’t always had a laptop or internet connection to do it. However, I’m back now so things can get back to normal. So let’s see what’s coming out the week…


Retail/eShop Downloads

Nothing coming to retail this week but a few good looking titles coming to the eShop.

Gunman Clive: HD Collection (£3.59/€3.99)

Zombie Defences (£7.19/€7.99)

Runbow (£10.99/€13.99 you can also get 15% off if you have the NIndies demo that came out during E3)

So two interesting title coming to the eShop this week. Gunman Clive: HD Collections combines the two awesome games that came out on the 3DS in the last couple of years – Gunman Clive 1 & 2. Gunman Clive are oldschool 2D sidescrolling platformers where you play as a cowboy armed with a pistol which you can upgrade with power ups. GC is a pretty brutal game but is very rewarding because of this. I highly recommend this HD collection if you’re a fan of games like Shovel Knght and Mega Man. Also coming to the eShop, Runbow which was one of the Nindies titles that received a demo during E3. I personally thought this was one of the better titles on the programme; it’s a 2D platform game which focuses heavily on platform jumping, the twist being that the platforms appear and disappear colour with the background. It add s a cool element to an otherwise familiar concept. It also boasts a local multiplayer option which is always a great addition to a Nintendo game.

Wii U Virtual Console

Sin and Punishment (£8.99/€9.99 N64)

StarTropics (£4.49/€4.99 NES)

Zodas’s Revenge: StarTropics 2 (£4.49/€4.99 NES)

Notable Discounts

Rayman: Legends (Normally £23.99/€29.99 Now £9.49/€11.99 Unitl 10th September)

Never Alone (Normally £12.99/€14.99 Now £8.59/€9.99 Until 17th September)


Retail/eShop Download

There’s only one thing coming to 3DS this week but hold on to your hat because it’s a full retail release!

Little Battlers eXperiance (£34.99/€39.99)

You may have heard of this as it’s based off an animated TV show. It has similar hooks to Pokemon and things of that ilk. Basically, kids collect and customise robots and then fight them. It actually looks pretty decent and could be huge if marketed right. The fighting is live rather then turnbased but still has a lot of strategy. All in all this looks like it could be a great game to pass the days until Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer comes out.

Notable Discounts

Rayman: Legends (Normally £17.99/€19.99 Now £5.39/€5.99 Until 10th September)

A pretty decent week all told and hopefully a sign that Nintendo will start to ramp up their eShop releases now that the Christmas is on its way. Time will only tell.

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