Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX Review (3DS)

Following the brilliant success of the Project Diva games that have been released on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, Hatsune Miku finally comes to the west on a system outside of the Sony family in Project Mirai DX. With over 40 tracks and TONS of things to do, there’s not a moment you’ll be bored in this game!

What You Need To Know

At its core, Project Mirai DX is a Japanese rhythm game that is played by following notes on the screen in time with the music as it plays. The game can be played using either the touch screen or face buttons for sources of input.  Which one you use to play will greatly depend on what feels comfortable to you. I prefer the face buttons but also found the touch screen to work quite well. Apart from the rhythm game, there are other things to do like interact with the idols who preform the songs you’ll play or go shopping for virtual items with the MP you earn from the rhythm game.

Chibi = Love!

Having played the two Project Diva games on my PS Vita, I was not familiar with the style of Project Mirai DX. What Mirai 1I mean by that is this game has taken the normal Vocaloid idols out of their standard body style and shrunk them, given them oversized heads and turned the cute meter to eleven. This style was also implemented to everything in the game giving it a really bright and cute look to match. The change makes a lot of sense when you consider that most 3DS owners in the world are children but as a grown man with a wife and child of my own, I just couldn’t help but full in love with it!


One of the most amazing things about this game is the insane amount of content Mirai 2available. There are a total of 48 songs to unlock and play in the rhythm game and a full PuyoPuyo puzzle game that can even be played with friends via local multi-card play. You also have the lifestyle end of the game that keeps you plenty busy. You chose one of the idols as a partner, give them an apartment, decorate the apartment, buy them food, give them an allowance, play mini games with them and more. There’s also HUNDREDS of items to buy from the shop for decorating and even dressing up your idols in different outfits! There’s also a music player that can be used to listen to the rhythm game songs in the same way you would use an MP3 player, this was really helpful to familiarize myself with songs before playing them and it even worked when the system was closed and in standby!

Customize To Your Heart’s Content

Though Project Mirai DX comes set with tons of stuff,
Mirai 3there’s a bunch of things that you have the freedom to customize and make your own! In the Dance Studio you can re-coreograph the songs you’ll play in the rhythm game. You can change the outfits your idols wear in the rhythm game. You can even change the vocal tracks on some songs to something else to make them your own. The sky is truly the limit with how unique you can make each song before you play it! There’s also a mini synthesizer that you can use to make your own songs with virtual instruments, chiptunes, voices from the idols and you can even share them via StreetPass!

Not Enough Explanation

With so many things to be positive about, I could only find one thing that I wish was done better, explaining modes and features. Mirai 4There are a lot of systems in play for  the rhythm game that just weren’t detailed before throwing the player into them. One in particular that I wish I knew from the start was the MP gage that shows up at seemingly random times in the rhythm game. Though you earn a set amount of MP based on your score when completing a song, this MP gage can be added to on hold notes that have a rainbow by spinning the circle pad while holding the button or twirling the stylus when using touch mode. Had this been explained properly, I could have greatly increased my MP earnings on songs I had played earlier, thereby  helping me unlock things faster. There are other things that could have benefited from a simple tutorial pop-up but they weren’t hard to figure out from the digital manual or by just playing with them for a while.

Mirai Review Box


Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX is by far one of the best rhythm games I’ve ever played! I have enjoyed every second that I’ve spent with it and even though some things could have used more explanation in the game, they never frustrated me or made me want to stop playing. Currently, there’s a demo available on the eShop and I HIGHLY recommend that everyone download it and give this game a try!

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