Nintendo Okie Podcast – Episode 283

This week we are missing a couple of regular members such as Tony and someone named Micah. Who do we get to fill their slots? We get The A-Team! Not really. Imagine if we had those guys on the show. It would crazy awesome, right? This week we talk about Yakuza, Miku, Metal Gear, FIFA, and other stuff I think. We also have Nick from NintendPals join us, it was pretty cool.

Starring – Nick, Shannon, Shelby, Ethan
Duration – 01:44:14

You should totally send an email to Podcast@Nintendo-Okie.com lettings us know what you think of the show or ask a question for the next episode. You can also email the NintendPals team at NintendPals@mail.com. We also have a Facebook group that you can join and be just as awesome as the rest of the members. There is also a Twitter you can follow. Apparently we have a YouTube channel we didn’t know the address for in the show.

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